The Herzegovina Museum


The History Department

The department where we present the MEMORIAL HOUSES of famous people from Mostar who marked our turbulent past and left an indelible mark on our city and our history.

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The Literature Department

The Memorial House of Svetozar Ćorović. The Šantić Memorial Room, dedicated to the life and literary work of this great Bosnian writer is located in this buidling. 

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Interpretation center

The MuM Interpretation Center (The museum in Mostar) gola is to establish an integral and cultural system that will direct visitors to all original locations and contents.

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"The Old Bridge" Department

The Museum The Old Bridge with a viewpoint, located in the Tara tower complex, presents the Old Bridge reconstruction project (1999.-2004.) from the 16th century with the associated Tara tower.

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The Archaeology Department

The department primarily implies the locality of the Basilica in Cim, as well as the Lapidarium of stećaks tombstones and sarcophagi that present in their own unique way the progress of that time.

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