Svetozar Ćorović Memorial House

The Literature Department


The memorial house of Svetozar Ćorović was designated for the needs of the literature department. The official start of the department work is related to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Mostar’s poet Aleksa Šantić in 1968, whose last home was at his sister Persa’s, the wife of Svetozar Ćorović.

The house was built in 1874 by Nikola Ćorović, the father of the writer Svetozar Ćorović and his brother, the historian Vladimir Ćorović

The first curator was Branko Šantić, and the permanent setting “The Life and Work of Alekse Šantić” was opened in 1969. After the war devastation the Herzegovina Museum brought back its former content, precisely the memorial room of Aleksa Šantić, the library, etc., with a ceremonial opening on June 8, 2000, as well as the organization of the event “”, Šantić’s poetry evenings while the City of Mostar set up again the statue of the poet in the park of the same name.

Today, the exhibition of the museum and its program contents are based on the scientific and research work of the institution Herzegovina Museum i.e. materials that were collected before the war and preserved during the war: objects, manuscripts, correspondence of writers, photographs and other materials.
The garden of the house is in also use as well as a small gallery in the house where exhibitions, promotions, and workshops are held.

Permanent exhibition in Svetozar Ćorović Memorial House