Educational Work

Development of the educational function of the Museum

Museum and educational contents

As part of its activity, the Herzegovina Museum organises the museum-educational activities intended for children of preschool and school age, as well as for the elderly. The purpose of these contents refers to the development of the educational function of the museum.

Workshops are of great benefit to classes in order to achieve the goals prescribed by the Curriculum. All contents are adapted to the age of workshop participants with the aim of achieving results. In the previous period, the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar organized a series of workshops for children of preschool and school age. Some of them are: Youth and cultural heritage, Museums as centers of culture, the future of tradition, Let’s learn in the museum, Colors of the museum, Art in the museum…

The goal of the workshops is to connect the teaching content with objects and settings from the collections of the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar. Through workshops, we motivate children to explore and discover the world around them, strengthen self-confidence, develop social skills, creativity and imagination.

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the existence and work of the Herzegovina Museum Mostar and the International Museum Day, the Museum announced a competition for the best art works of primary school students and the best literary works of high school students. An exhibition was organized from the same works.

Photo gallery of the pedagogical work of the museum