Plan of Mostar (city map from 1899)

You can see the map of the city from 1899 at the following link:

The plan of Mostar from 1899 by the publishing house Pacher & Kisić is a valuable testimony of a period in the Mostar history. Printed bilingually, in Bosnian and German, with a transparent internal organization of data the plan is suitable both for foreigners who want to know about the development of Mostar during the Austro-Hungarian period, and for people from these areas. In the introductory part entitled Plan of Mostar – a brief road map and street directory, along with the naming of toponyms by which the geography of the city is recognizable, the development of Mostar from the medieval period, its rise during the Ottoman rule is presented, and as a historical logical sequence, the period that is the focus of this is announced brochures – Austro-Hungarian period.

Following the names of the most important spheres of public life in Mostar during the Austro-Hungarian period, the brochure is organized into sections with the names Offices, City Authorities, Austro-Hungarian Military Commands – Authorities and Institutions, Barracks, Other, Postal – Telegraph Service, Educational Institutions, Private Services and others offices, Notable companies, Excursions & sights, Nomenclature for the plan of Mostar, and the last part presents a map of the city of Mostar, on which the recognizable localities of urban life are written…..” – from the review of Lejla Žujo – Marić

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