Old Photos of Herzegovina

Herzegovina and Mostar throughout history


The Herzegovina Museum has a very rich “Collection of photographs” in its fund. The collection consists of a selected display: archaeological, historical, ethnographic collection, collection of the Ottoman period, collection of literature.

The photos refer to different domains , such as: political, social, cultural, sports, economic, etc. From this collection of photos, a part of the valuable fund representing Mostar from the time of the socialist period, the 60s and 70s of the last century is presented. 

In the period that is represented by the photos, Mostar has experienced a strong development and by the end of the 70s of the 20th century it had become a modern city with new settlements and renewed infrastructure. By presenting this valuable fund, photographs will revive and memorize the memory of the past of the city of Mostar.

This collection contains a rich fund of black-and-white photographs, one part of those unfortunately does not have an explanation (legend), because their inventory books have been destroyed during the war. Any well-intentioned comment aimed at recognizing persons, events, content, year is welcome. Interesting and valuable photos are from various fields, political, social, cultural and sports events and events of Mostar and the region of Herzegovina.

Photo gallery