Herzegovina Museum nominated for the EMYA award

This year, the Herzegovina Museum was nominated for the European award EMYA 2016, which is awarded to innovative museums, in competition with 49 European museums.
More about this on the official website of the European Museum Forum www.europeanmuseumforum.org

List of all nominated museums:

  1. Komitas Museum-Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
  2. Voestalpine Historical Exhibition 1938 -1945, Linz, Austria
  3. Gaasbeek Castle, Gaasbeek (Lennik), Belgium
  4. Jenevermuseum, Hasselt, Belgium
  5. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium
  6. Texture Museum of Flax and River Lys, Kortrijk, Belgium
  7. Gallery 11/07/95, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Museum of Herzegovina, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Ivan’s fairy tale house – Visitor Center (Ihft), Ogulin, Croatia
  10. Vukovar City Museum, Vukovar, Croatia
  11. Vysočina Museum Třebíč, Třebíč, Czech Republic
  12. Finnish Postal Museum, Tampere, Finland
  13. Bibracte Museum, Mont Beuvray, France
  14. Quay Branly Museum, Paris, France
  15. Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, Mestia, Georgia
  16. Ludwigsburg Museum, Ludwigsburg, Germany
  17. Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Center, Berlin, Germany
  18. Porcelain Worlds Leuchtenburg, Seitenroda, Germany
  19. State Museum of Archeology Chemnitz – SMAC, Chemnitz, Germany
  20. Alea Archaeological Museum, Alea-Tripolis, Greece
  21. Museum of Typography Yiannis and Eleni Garedakis, Chania-Crete, Greece
  22. Herman Otto Museum, Miskolc, Hungary
  23. In Esztergom Castle Museum in the Hungarian National Museum, Esztergom, Hungary
  24. Foof Dog Museum, Mondragone, Italy
  25. MAO – Museum of Oriental Art, Turin, Italy
  26. Bz ’18 – ’45, one monument, one city, two Dictatorships permanent exhibition U Victory Monument, Bolzano, Italy
  27. Roman National Museum – Diocletian of the Baths, Rome, Italy
  28. Balvi Municipality Museum, Balvi, Latvia
  29. Kuldiga District Museum, Kuldiga, Latvia
  30. Liechtenstein National Museum, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  31. Vest-Agder-museum Odderøya Harbor Museum, Kristiansand, Norway
  32. European Solidarity Center, Gdansk, Poland
  33. Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland
  34. State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
  35. Benfica Museum – Cosme Damião, Lisboa, Portugal
  36. FC Porto Museum, Porto, Portugal
  37. Yaroslavl Art Museum, Rybnitsy-Yaroslavl Region, Russia
  38. Matica srpska Gallery, Novid Sad, Serbia
  39. Valjevo National Museum, Valjevo, Serbia
  40. Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum, Sitges, Spain
  41. Pagos del Rey Wine Museum, Zamora, Spain
  42. Pierre Arnaud Foundation, Lens, Switzerland
  43. Brick and Tile Museum, Hagendorn, Switzerland
  44. DOMunder , Utrecht, Netherlands
  45. Micropia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  46. National Military Museum of the Netherlands, Soest, The Netherlands
  47. Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum, London, Great Britain
  48. Water Museum, London, Great Britain
  49. The University of Manchester is Whitworth, Manchester, Great Britain

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