Talking about the book: Andrićevstvo

Rusmir Mahmutćehajić, Andrićevstvo: Against the ethics of memory

The Literature Department of the Herzegovina Museum is going to organise a discussion about Rusmir Mahmutćehajić’s book Andrićevstvo, on January 11 (Wednesday) 2017, starting at 7:00 p.m., in the Center for Culture in Mostar (ul. Rade Bitange 13),
Against Ethics memories, Belgrade: Clio, 2015.
The book Andrićevstvo is the first comprehensive critical review of the ideological readings, interpretations and use of Ivo Andrić’s literary work in nationalist, orientalist and cultural-racist relations towards Bosnia, Bosnia and Bosniaks. Mahmutćehajić’s work is based on philosophical, theological and literary-critical interpretations of Bosnia in its identity plurality. It deconstructed the canonized dogmatizations of literary fiction necessary for nationalist, orientalist and racist aspects of the world. Mahmutćehajić calls the various phenomena of aestheticization of politics and politicization of aesthetics in the ideological uses of the narrative work of Ivo Andrić Mahmutćehajić. As can be seen from the reactions so far, this book excites both liberal and conservative, nationalist and anti-nationalist, and communist and anti-communist circles of post-Yugoslav drama. From these reactions, both past and present reasons for tabooing imposed readings and use of this work outside the framework of fictional literature are visible.
Nerin Dizdar, Sanjin Kodrić, Mirsad Kunić, Senadin Lavić, Vahid Preljević and the author are goont to talk about the book and the questions about it.

  • Nerin Dizdar is a researcher of ideological delusions in Bosnian political and cultural plurality. He writes about different aspects of anti-Bosnia and its disguises in the book Politics of Cultural Racism.
  • Sanjin Kodrić is a theoretician and historian of literature, university professor and participant in the revival of deconstructive criticism of anti-Bosnian ideologies.
  • Mirsad Kunić is a literary historian and expert on Bosnian oral heritage collected and researched in the Milman Parry Harvard Collection.
  • Senadin Lavić is a philosopher, researcher of contemporary political and cultural situations in Bosnia and university professor. His political analyzes and syntheses contribute to the elucidation of the Bosnian social drama.
  • Vahidin Preljević is a university professor whose research area includes German literature, media studies and Italian studies. This epistemological framework also includes his interest in cultural studies and the Bosnian issue.
  • Krsto Mijanović is a university professor. His research area includes the issue of the relationship between technological development and the environment, but also the most important issues of Bosnian plurality.

The conversation will be moderated by Krsto Mijanović.
The conversation is opened for the general public.

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