April 2, 2019
The portal team visited the managment of the Herzegovina Museum and the departments operating in the Herzegovina Museum, which host numerous foreign and domestic tourists. A large part of the history of Mostar and Herzegovina can be seen in the buildings, so it is definitely recommended that you set aside time to visit this...
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A new issue of the magazine for the cultural and historical heritage of HERZEGOVINA (No. 17) has been published.Aware of the value and importance of this magazine, the Museum of Herzegovina, the Archives of Herzegovina and the Faculty of Humanities of the University “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar renewed the work of the magazine and it...
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Private collection as a museum phenomenon – on the example of the Collection of Stjepan Meza in the Museum of Sarajevo, of author Žanka Dodig, is the result of the author’s long-term work on the collection and legacy of Stjepan Meza, and gives an insight into the current knowledge about the phenomenon of collecting, collections...
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