Catalog of Arabic, Turkish and Bosnian manuscripts

In a joint project of the institutions of the Herzegovina Museum and the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo, the Catalog of Arabic, Turkish and Bosnian manuscripts of the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar was published.
The catalog has been prepared by Dželila Babović and Madžida Mašić from the Oriental Institute in Sarajevo.
The collection of manuscripts of the Herzegovima Museum is one of the smaller collections of manuscripts in Arabic, Turkish and Bosnian languages.

Among the manuscripts in the collection, there are manuscripts of the Qur’an and its fragments, works in the field of hadith, Islamic law, inheritance law and Sharia law solutions, then dogmatics, Islamic morality, prayers, history, grammar, stylistics and metrics, and beautiful literature, as well as majmu diverse content. The oldest manuscript in the collection dates from the 15th century.
All manuscripts processed in the catalog are stored in the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar.
In this way, the general public will be able to get to know these important artifacts of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural heritage.

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