Mustafa Ejubović Šejh Jujo

It is a known fact that Mustafa Ejubović, better known as Šejh Jujo, represents the very top of spiritual and intellectual greatness that marked the end of the 17th century in Mostar.
It is also a well-known fact that Mustafa Ejubović’s huge written oeuvre was for a long time outside of wider public interest, so his work was mainly dealt with by a narrow circle of researchers and the curious (orientalists, historians, literary critics, philosophers).

In addition to the solemn occasion of naming the Elementary School in Šehovina in Mostar, Mustafa Ejubović Šejh Jujo, there was a need to print a commemorative publication of informative content by the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar, two works as a whole:
– Contributions to the bibliography (Mustafa Ćeman).
– Biography (biographer Ibrahim Opijač).
We hope that in this way we will bring this great man and his famous work closer to a wider audience, not just the scientific public.

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