New Book: Aleksa Šantić in the collection of the Museum of Herzegovina in Mostar

A new book of the Herzegovina Museum entitled “Aleksa Šantić in the collection of the Museum of Herzegovina in Mostar” has been published. The pre-promotion of this publication took place as part of a scientific gathering dedicated to three Herzegovinan poets: “Slovo o Aleksa Šantić, Antun Branko Šimić and Zuka Džumhur” organized by the Faculty of Humanities of the University “Džemal Bijedić”, the Language Institute of the University of Sarajevo and the Citizens’ Association “Slovo Gorčina” on April 24 and 25, 2014 in Mostar.
The promotion of the book is going to take take place as part of the “40. Šantić’s evenings of poetry” which will be held from May 27-30 this year, organized by the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar.

The book “Aleksa Šantić in the collection of the Museum of Herzegovina Mostar” represents the Legacy of the poet Aleksa Šantić and, in a unique way, it is a gift to the citizens of Mostar and our homeland on the occasion of celebrating the poet Šantić’s birthday. The book itself represents the presentation of the most beautiful and rare exhibits of material from the mentioned Collection and consists of nine chapters: 1. Documents, 2. Photographs, 3. Translation, 4. Letters, 5. Poetry, hymns and plays, 6. Composer’s work, 7. Correspondence , 8. The Poet’s Departure, 9. Department of Literature.

Through all these chapters, the impressive work and creativity of Aleksa Šantić, poet, writer, publicist, translator, playwright, cultural worker, magazine editor, choirmaster, composer, patriot, respected citizen of Mostar, is presented. The life and work of the poet Šantić in Mostar is presented in a professional manner and through the selection of materials from the Collection. A separate, tenth part of this publication is the “Appendix”, which includes contents that were considered to be published in such a publication dedicated to the poet Aleksa Šantić, such as: Excerpt from the analytical list of Aleksa Šantić’s estate, Document that talks about family ties of the Šantić family in Mostar, a list of scores written by the poet’s hand, etc.

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