The Old Bridge in Ottoman documents

This project is the result of the cooperation of the Herzegovina Museum with Istanbul University professor Dr. Idris Bostan and the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Mostar. Nineteen documents were presented in printed format (dimensions 85 cm x 55 cm, in trilingual format: English, Bosnian and Turkish).

The original documents are in the Archive of the Presidency of the Government in Istanbul and refer to the period from the 16th to the 19th century. The documents are about the period of the construction of the Old Bridge, the time after construction, during repairs, the appointment of officials on the Old Bridge and most of them were not available to the general public.

Recognizing the importance of this type of archival material, the Herzegovina Museum prepared a catalog of the aforementioned documents with the aim of introducing the wider public to the history of the Old Bridge in Mostar. For technical reasons, we were not able to realize this catalog together with the exhibition. With such a publication, the Museum strengthens the publishing activity of its historical department and the “Old Bridge Museum” department.
The catalog presents a copy of the exhibition material in a smaller format, and is being printed to mark the sixth anniversary of the restoration of the Old Bridge (July 23, 2010). The catalog is designed with chronologically arranged documents enriched with photo archive material of the Old Bridge in Mostar.


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